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Robinson Head
The Annual head race held shortly before Lent Bumps is one of the most hotly anticipated events on the river.

    • Robinson Head Cancelled

      Unfortunately The race has been cancelled due to red flag on the river and bad stream.
      An email will be sent out shortly with further details to all competitors

    • May Bumps 2013 M2 Day 4

      Day 4, and everyone was feeling tired from the excitement of the previous night’s May Ball (and because they’d been rowing really hard all week, of course). With it being the weekend, and the last day …

    • May Bumps 2013 M2 Day 3

      If we’re honest, by day 3 we were all starting to lose hope slightly. Even the commentators to Cam FM were holding out no hope for us, and when the inevitable bump, by Queens 3, happened they referred …

    • May Bumps 2013 M2 Day 2

      On day 2, the fighting spirit was still burning strong, and everyone was up for a return bump on Girton. We had a very strong start, and were moving well, holding the chasing Tit Hall crew on station. …

    • May Bumps 2013 M2 Day 1

      On Day 1 of May bumps, I don’t think anybody really knew what to expect, (especially not P. Carey, who had only started rowing this term, and had never experienced bumps before.) The crewmembers all w …