History of the Boat Club

Robinson is the youngest college in Cambridge University and its men’s and women’s crews appeared for the first time in 1981. The Men’s 1st VIII rose steadily in the Lent Bumps and has been in the 1st division continuously since 1998. Currently, the Men’s 1st VIII are 9th in Division 1 having achieved blades in 2015 and going up 1 in 2016 to their joint highest position with 2001. In the May Bumps, the Men’s 1st VIII have been continuously in the top 20 boats rising as high as 4th in 2003. Currently the Men’s 1st VIII are 16th in Division 1 having gone up 1 last year.

The Women’s 1st VIII have had a continuous existence in Division 2 apart from a few excursions into the bottom of Division 1. In the Lent Bumps, the Women’s 1st VIII are currently 9th in Division 2 having gone up 6 in 2016 earning their first set of blades since 2003 and overbumping in the process. In the May Bumps, the Women’s 1st VIII have spent most of their time in the top half of Division 2 or the bottom of Division 1, rising as high as 13th in 2000. Currently, the Women’s 1st VIII are 8th in Division 2 having earned blades again making it a double set.

Robinson also has a strong M2, W2 and M3. In 2014, the Men’s 2nd Boat achieved blades in the May Bumps bumping up into the top half of Division 3. In 2015, the Men’s 3rd boat raced their first bumps races for over 3 years having earned a place in Lents later followed by Mays. Our W2 narrowly missed getting on in the May Bumps finishing a few seconds outside the required time. Occasionally, the rugby club have been known to show their ‘prowess’ on the river as well.