Training & Racing Kit

RCBC kit is a common sight on the river and around college. In Cambridge it is nicknamed Stash. Kit is normally ordered just before each holiday so that it aims to arrive at the start of each term. Our current kit supplier is Termaxx. They are designed for rowing and custom made for us.

The club races in all-in-ones for men and for women so that is what is purchased by most people. A lot of people acquire splash jackets or fleeces to train in too. If it’s cold people wear leggings and tech tops to race in as well. Trimmed zephyrs are worn in May Bumps by M1, W1 and M2.

The kit is true-sized but close fitting so as to not get caught on the boat. If you’re unsure about size you can ask a senior to try something on before you buy. A picture of our recent kit designs are here.

Stash for Website


The club also has it’s own blazers, ties, bow ties and cummerbunds. These are worn by members current and old at dinners, supporting Bumps, the Boat Race etc. and come in two sorts:

1st Mays Colours (Gold and Silver) are given to anyone who has rowed or coxed for M1 or W1 during a set of May Bumps

Lower Boats Colours (Gold, Silver and Blue) are given to anyone who has rowed of coxed for a lower boat in a set of May Bumps or for M1 or W1 in a set of Lent Bumps.

The ties, bow ties and cummerbunds are available to purchase from the Development Office on High Court. Blazers are ordered from A.E Clothier and is a more complicated process. Contact the President for more information.