2012 M2 Lent Bumps – Day 2

Bumps day – Bump harder

Amid the clamour of early bumps and clearing boats there was one brief three way spar that would have put Messrs Haye, Klitscho, and Chisora to shame. From the cannon Robinson M2 (being chased by themselves by Girton M2) exploded at Catz M2, the recipients of an equipment assisted bump the previous day. The start was no doubt helped by our vastly swollen bank party of three which allowed for the luxury of being pushed out AND knowing how long remained until the cannon, along with the continued fine work of bow pair – whose quality taps are quickly earning the two the nickname “The Plumbers”.

Separation was cut down almost immediately by half a length. The bump back was on. Well it would have been had it not been for the hapless efforts of Jesus M3 who were themselves hauled down by Catz, thus robbing the river side fans of what could have been an epic three boat tussle.

With Catz, out of the equation, and Hughes’ ahead of them also having made another distinctively swift bump, it became immediately clear that the only bumping opportunity that Robinson would have would be the oft postulated, but rarely observed, double over bump. In fairness to them Girton were never going let this happen. They may have been pushed away at the start by the might of the Robinson rate, but they quickly settled themselves into a drive which oozed relentlessly forward. They were faster on the day and rightly achieved a bump their animal physicality almost mandated they accomplish. Although it should be said that although they may have been bigger, heavier, and more powerful, they were not – as one observer commented – as easy on the eyes as the Robinson crew. Indeed it was a much more row-bust performance than the previous day, and although being on the wrong end of back to back bumps is hardly something to rave about there is plenty of promise, particularly with the start, that this downward slide can be reversed come Friday.

Oh bumps, you cruel, cruel mistress, how we’ve missed you!