Lent Bumps 2017: Day 1

M1: Despite a shaky start M1 found themselves a comfortable station off chasing Christ’s and gaining on Peterhouse down first post reach. Peterhouse, however, managed to bump Queens’ at first post corner leaving little room and ultimately M1 crashed into Queens’. Despite this, M1 rowed on, attempting to regain their swing whilst weaving through carnage- Christ’s gaining every stroke. To their credit, Christ’s rowed aggressively around Ditton, and in a solid turn of speed finished the bump just down the long reach.

W1 had a good start, holding off a strong crew in Pembroke II who were racing for their lives ahead of an even stronger Sidney Sussex crew. Sidney ultimately felled Pembroke II, giving W1 some space, however Robinson W1 were awarded a technical row over as they and the boat they were chasing- Emma II- were impeded by a Jesus crew which failed to clear. A solid row ladies!

M2: Strong winds, heavy rain, but through it all M2 made a solid bump today! They chased Churchill 2 who had a strong start, gaining on FaT III but never managing to get within quarter length whilst Robinson reeled Churchill in, taking it from a length to overlap from First Post to the end of grassy corner. FaT III bumped Clare Hall here, forcing all boats to hold it up and Robinson was awarded the technical bump.

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