Month: May 2012

2012 M2 Lent Bumps – Day 4

Day 4 – And it’s all wrapped up for another year Well that week disappeared quickly, though not as quickly as it could have if it had been equipped with a Robinson M2 start – the shining jewel amid of the rubble of the M3 division. Yes, the culmination of the bumps carnival means a time to reflect […]

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2012 M1 Lent Bumps – Day 3

They say, as Pete has said in his W1 reports, that good crews bump 3 times, and lucky crews get blades. Friday was our day to prove that we were really a good crew, and as Steve demanded, for the second day in a row, an extra 10%, we were ready to really give it […]

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2012 M1 Lent Bumps – Day 4

At the previous night’s meal, the crew seemed to have caught the nerves that had been following Steve all week. On arriving early at the boat house, the start of the week seemed a long, long way away. Owing to the lack of Women’s divisions on this final day, there would be no wait at […]

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