May Bumps 2016: Day 2

M1: An easy row over ahead of Fitzwilliam was followed by a poor start behind Girton. M1 then failed to capitalize on their faster speed before Girton caught Christ’s. -1 overall

W1: Emmanuel II, well aware of Binson’s speed, made a fast start, closing on Newnham II in front. However, W1 showed relentless speed, reaching overlap around Grassy. A tight line and determination meant they didn’t get away and the bump was made outside the Plough! +2 overall.

M2: Starting under the motorway bridge, M2 had a shaky start but soon moved to around 1 length from St. Catharines II. However, they were unable to make the decisive move through the corners. A solid row-over ensued with a second chance tomorrow. +1 overall.

M3: A very fast start from Binson combined with a slow start from LMBC IV yielded a rapid bump for M3 just before the Motorway bridge. An excellent reward and the chance to move up further tomorrow. +1 overall.