May Bumps 2016: Day 4

W1: An excellent row to cap off another excellent week saw the women move rapidly on Darwin in front. Again demonstrating their sheer determination W1 were clinical in completing the bump on entry into the gut, securing yet another set of blades! Very well deserved and a credit to the hard work they have put in this year. BLADES.

M1: Showing their strength of mind to return from the misfortunes of the first day, M1 demonstrated their true ability with an excellent row. A fast start saw them move quickly on Girton, gaining through the gut and making the bump on Grassy Corner. This moves M1 safely up into the first division and provides the perfect platform to keep climbing in the future. +1 overall.

M2: Putting on another great show for the crowds, M2 made an exceptional start to push away Magdalene II. Unfortunately Magdalene where quick to make their superior strength, experience and lack of May Ball felt and started to move on M2 through First Post. A brave fight saw the Binson keep Magdalene II at bay for a good distance further but unfortunately they succumbed just outside The Plough. -1 overall.

M3: Having first bumped LMBC IV on Thursday, M3 were ready to inflict spoons when they found themselves chasing the same boat. A fast start saw them move to within a canvas of making the bump but unfortunately there was an even faster Jesus V boat behind. M3 were eventually caught but this should not detract from what was a very fruitful week for the third boat who were racing in only their second consecutive May Bumps of recent years. -3 overall.