Lent Bumps 2017: Day 3

M2: M2 started today with eyes set firmly on continuing their excellent results. Clare Hall M1 posed no threat as the boys chased hard after First and Third III off of a powerful start. FaT, however, quickly moved on and bumped Maggie M3, leaving our boys plenty of clear space. With no one chasing, M2 dug in hard and executed their race perfectly. Moving from 4 lengths at the start of the Reach, to under a length at the railway bridge, they overpowered Magdalene M2 and got them just before the P&E. OVERBUMP!

M1: M1 chased the Queens’ boat which we crashed into Wednesday and hoped to come back to our starting position as 9th on the river. A strong, confident start after yesterdays solid row over had us gaining on Queens’ quickly, and our first push into First Post corner culminated with a bump just as we entered the bend. A hard chase tomorrow if we aim to end up, looking forward to it!

W1: W1 came into day 3 with an avid determination to achieve a revenge bump on Sidney Sussex. Sadly, W1 bumped the bank instead. A disaster in some gusts and slippery mud resulted in a skewed start, and W1 was forced to concede early to a Darwin crew which suffered no such issues.

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