2012 M2 Lent Bumps – Day 3

Day 3 – things get philosophical

Today’s tussle, although ultimately in vain, would have had the Braveheart screenwriters raising their kilts in support. In holding off a charging LMBC to the boat graveyard that is Grassy, the Robinson crew once again showed they had the substance to go far, if only they could benefit from a decent break of luck. Not for the first time this week what seemed like not only the entire division, but also some extra crowd filling crews, where very quickly lining the course with the intention of cheering on the passing gladiators. In reality they served purely to show that once again the prospect of a bump up was gone for the day. The mental body blow this serves to a pain stricken crew being only adequately comparable to child birth.

But taking a step back it was a similar story to the day before – a ferocious start as the good guys took off like a raging marlin towards Girton and away from John’s. Unfortunately, Jesus were also sticking to their script so submissively bumped out early, as everyone knew they would. This coincided with a power surge from the LMBC oarsmen, which began to eat back into the gap Robinson had initially opened up. However, like a fearless honey badger Robinson were not about to give up without a fight. And so things continued, inch by inch the red boat drew wilfully closer. And then on the apex of grassy the bump was made – as simple as that. All the previous effort ruled null and void as umpires rightly acknowledged that despite a despairing final effort the Johnian’s had caught their prey. And then came Caius, presumably having been felt a bit excluded from the action, they decided that “better late than never” was the motto of the hour and proceeded to crash themselves into the celebrating red boat – thus earning themselves a dubious row over, very convenient, one might add, for the exhausted .

But that conspiratorial note aside there was no denying the disappointment of the day. Bump, rhymes with dump, lump, thump – tells you all you need to know really. The crux of it is simple, bumps is nowhere near as fun when you’re on the receiving end. Thankfully that may just change tomorrow, look out bump charts compilers Robinson’s about to make a timely charge up the page.