2013 M2 May Bumps – Day 3

If we’re honest, by day 3 we were all starting to lose hope slightly. Even the commentators to Cam FM were holding out no hope for us, and when the inevitable bump, by Queens 3, happened they referred to it as the ‘nailbomb bump called before the race’. (Not entirely sure what nailbomb means, but it sounds negative). There was significant overlap before our cox conceded the bump, resulting in the commentators saying that the “Robinson cox is almost hit”, and this led to worried texts from both my mum (listening all the way from Guernsey) and a friend, who thought I’d been seriously hurt. We set off on the now-familiar disappointed row home, having not raced as far as our supporters

yet again. At least we all had a trip to the Great Exhibition of 1812 to look forward to! (If the Pigeon Detectives had been alive in 1812, I have no doubt they’d have been at the Great Exhibition.)