Lent Bumps 2015: Day 1

Lent bumps 2015 kicked off today, here are the results for day one!

M3: After clipping a tree off the startline M3 were bumped by Fitz M3 on first post corner. -1
M2: held off Lady Margaret M3 round grassy corner but were bumped on plough reach. -1
W1: A great start saw W1 close in to half a length on Newnham W2. Unfortunately Jesus W2 were too fast and caught them round Ditton corner. -1
M1: A great start to the week as M1 steam-rolled into Clare M1 on the entry to the gut. Video to follow soon. +1

M3: chase Fiztwilliam M3 (13:20)
M2: chase Maggie M3 (14:40)
W1: chase Newnham W2 (15:20)
M1: Chase Girton M1 (16:40)