Lent Bumps 2015: Day 2

Day 2 of Lent bumps has come to a dramatic close! Here are the results…

M3: After an unfortunate crash into the bank yesterday, M3 were looking to avenge the bump from Fitz M3. Both crews remained level through first post and grassy corners, but after a monstrous push on Plough reach Robinson closed from 1 length to the bump within a matter of strokes! M3 stay level overall.

M2: were chasing Lady Margaret M3 today. Unfortunately Maggie managed to bump a slow Magdalene M2 ahead of them before Robinson had the chance to make amends for yesterday’s bump. Both crews behind bumped out and M2 rowed over. -1 overall

W1: A strong start from the ladies saw them hold off Darwin W1 who were chasing from behind. However, Darwin proved to be too strong and were closing in on first post reach. W1 fought hard, but were bumped on first post corner. -2 overall.

M1: A dramatic race in the men’s first division today. Due to a pile up ahead, Girton M1 were deemed to have been obstructed, forcing a re-row between Robinson M1 and Girton M1. Pushing out from the second station, and with no chasing crew behind, Robinson attacked Girton from the start and bumped them in under 2 minutes around Grassy corner! +2 overall.