May Bumps 2016: Day 3

M1: Despite a strong start for Christ’s, M1 showed their superior strength by slowly gaining throughout the course. Making good use of the corners, M1 managed to seal the deal by bumping Christ’s around halfway down the Reach to move up from sandwich boat. Level overall.

W1: Another fast start saw the women continue their upward trajectory with a bump on Pembroke II. An excellent row again set them up nicely for a final assault on the last day. +3 overall.

M2: A valiant fight for M2 saw them close to within 1/2 a length from St. Catharine’s II before the latter bumped up on LMBC III. M2 then fought off a fast Trinity Hall II crew, holding them at a canvas all the way along the Reach but their efforts were in vain as they were bumped just past the Railway Bridge. -1 overall.

M3: A great start from M3 saw them move to 1 length on Clare IV. Unfortunately Clare held this distance and M3 were eventually caught by a fast Hughes Hall III crew coming around Ditton. -2 overall.